Working conditions | Economics


The institute occupies 2 semi-detached and 657.9 m2 area  (with the right of gratuitous use), which consists of 23 offices (including the rooms occupied by the management staff). The institute has 42 employees out of which 30 are researchers,12 are service personnel and 3 are of the management staff (as of 01.12.2019).

The institute has an autonomous heating system.
An air conditioner is installed in most of the rooms.
All researchers, operators, management of the institute, chief accountant, the head of HR department, the director's executive assistant are provided with quality computers.
The institute is provided with internet connection.
The 2378 books in the Institute's library are completely digitised.
All the offices of the institute are provided with hangers (for the coats of the people accommodated in the rooms) with appropriate mirrors.
All employees have separate computer desks that make their work even more comfortable.
On the second working floor of the institute there is a bulletin board and a bookstore, where one copy of the books published at the institute is displayed.
The archive of the institute is also located on the second working floor of the institute.
The bathrooms located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the institute have been fully renovated, as well as European-standard windows have been installed on both floors, which insulates the heat of the rooms especially during the winter months.
The institute has a large auditorium on the first floor, where general meetings, consultations and conferences are held.
The institute has a normal working and humane environment for research activities to be carried out.
The process of rejuvenation of the team is actively going on in the institute.

Suffice it to say that in 2018-2019 19 employees were hired, of which 13 employees under the age of 35. This process will continue in the future. The coverage of the institute’s scientific activities in the press will continue as well. Researchers of the institute will continue to actively publish articles in foreign peer-reviewed journals and the results will be summarized at the annual general meeting.

The existence of a three-language electronic website of the institute, where the books published at the institute, as well as the biographies of the institute's management (director, deputy director, scientific secretary, heads of departments, heads of research topics), which give an idea of the full scientific potential of the institute, is a serious achievement.
A carpet is placed in the corridor of the 2nd floor of the institute.